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UHMFD "International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Sciences" was published in 2014. In our journal, articles, which meet the criteria of scientific quality and contribute to the field, are included. Our journal is an international refereed journal and it publishes THREE issues per year. Issues of our journal are published on the system in APRIL, AUGUST and DECEMBER. Our journal can be accessed both in print and online. All kinds of publications that can be evaluated in the field of Engineering and Science can be included in our journal. The chief editors of our journal are Prof. Dr. Ashok JAMMI, Prof. Dr. Mihaela BUCIUMEANU and Prof. Dr. Yusuf ŞAHİN and its activities are carried out in line with the decisions taken by the journal's board of directors.

Each submitted publication must be approved by the appointed referees, other than two referees or journal system editors who are experts in their field, and two referees to be determined by the editorial board, and must have the opinion that it can be published by the referees. Only one publication of the author is included in the same issue. Studies that have gained the approval of more than one referee and editorial board are put in order and published in the following issues. No author has any influence over the referees and the editorial board members. A publication copyright agreement is not required for the manuscripts uploaded to the system for publication in our journal. Studies uploaded to the system are considered to be transferred to the journal. The authors are supposed to have accepted this situation and have been included in this system by confirming to act in accordance with the publication acceptance conditions of the journal. The authors have no right of objection in any way. They cannot exercise the right of appeal.

Academics and scientific researchers who want to take part in the refereeing and scientific committees of our journal must have the title of Dr. and be experts in their fields. In addition, They are expected to have conducted scientific studies. Anyone who does not have the title of Dr. or Expert and does not publish in their field cannot take part in the scientific, advisory and refereeing boards. The editorial board of the journal constitutes the highest decision and executive mechanism of the journal. Any decision taken by the editorial board is final and unchangeable. No action can be taken on the journal under any conditions and without the decision of the editorial board. The editors of the journal can decide whether the studies that are not sent to the referee's approval will be accepted in the journal and whether they will be included in the referee process. It is not obliged to inform the editorial board during this decision process. Only the editorial board can decide on the participation of scientists who want to take part in the referee, science and advisory boards of our journal.

In our journal, studies are also carried out in the form of special issues for oral and referee-approved studies published in some national or international congresses. Special issues are only valid for oral presentations presented at the congresses with which an agreement is made. These papers must have been approved by the scientific committee of the congress and have been evaluated by a referee. Any work that has not been peer-reviewed will not be published. Studies submitted for publication are sent to the journal for referee approval. Studies that receive positive feedback from both referees are published. In addition, the printed material of the oral presentations and the referee approval reports must be submitted to the editorial board and chief editors of our journal. Papers that do not have this information and materials will not be published in our journal.

In our journal, information about the processing process is sent to the author and authors via e-mail from the journal's internet e-mail address. In addition, each author who is a member of our journal and logs in to the system can monitor the information about the process on the member page of the journal himself and follow the developments. The terms and conditions in our journal are the same for all authors. These rules and conditions do not change for any author. It is required that the works requested to be published within our journal must be from the fields that the journal accepts publication. Any publication that does not have these features cannot be included in our journal. The functioning of the referee process is carried out under the control of the chief editors. The chief editors have the authority to inform and decide on the functioning of the publication in the journal regarding the referee process. A publication that is not approved or accepted by the chief editors is not included in the process. In this regard, the author or authors cannot place sanctions on the journal and other organs. Even if it is approved by the referee, the editors or the editorial board do not give a positive opinion on the publication of the current study or even if the article is published in the system, the process can be canceled by the decision of the boards. In such a case, the authors cannot impose a sanction on the journal. All kinds of authority unilaterally belong to the journal publication and editorial board. If studies are produced from master's and doctoral theses, this should be stated as an author's note in the bibliography section. Ethics committee report or work permit document is definitely requested from the articles requested to be published in our journal and uploaded to the journal system. Studies that do not have these documents will not be included in our journal. No documents are requested for studies that do not require an ethics committee. In co-authors, the author who registered in the system and manages the article is considered the addressee. For this reason, the responsibility belongs only to the author who is a member of the system and uploads the publication. Our journal and its management/boards do not communicate with any author other than the responsible author, and no request can be made for other authors in this regard.

Our journal acts in accordance with the Law and Provisions on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered "5846" within the framework of Turkish law. In addition, our journal and its management act in accordance with the sanctions within the scope of the KVKK law. Our journal unilaterally protects its legal rights about the authors who do not fulfill the requirements of these laws. The competent courts within the scope of the relevant laws are the Istanbul Courts. In the studies submitted for publication in our journal, theauthors are unilaterally responsible for the issues such as quotations and plagiarism that are not carried out in accordance with the relevant laws and publication ethics laws. Our journal is published both in print and online. It is a social organ that provides social service in order to contribute to institutions and people who conduct scientific research as a material that includes studies prepared in the academic field. Our journal is not a paid journal and does not have to send printed material to any author or authors. The works accepted in our journal and entitled to be published are laid out in accordance with the journal's publication acceptance conditions and writing rules and uploaded to the system. The author or authors and readers who need it can download this issue from the system. The layout is made by the author based on the sample article.